Monday, February 16, 2009

We're making a list...

Right, so what does everyone want to read or view?  As usual, I have no idea, someone else start - maybe Heather who provided the segue...


geomancer said...

Hello, i don't mind what I read...enjoying the Stieg Larsson books, keen to watch the film 'The Reader' & 'Slumdog millionaire'

Heather said...

Oh, we'll have to put a reservation on for the Road- Erina library have snatched it away. We'll have to decide on a book soon- I'm nearly finished the one I'm reading now, I'll soon be bookless!
I recently saw Slumdog and thought it was great. I've ordered in a couple of extra copies of Q and A and the Reader (not enough for all of us unfortunately).
Other currently available book club box titles include:
The Handmaid's Tale (I'm a fan of Atwood, but couldn't get into this when I tried in High School, am willing to give it another go though but Kariong has already reserved it)
March by Geraldine Brooks (Little Women is my all time fave book, so would be interested in this too)
The Color Purple (I read it years ago)
Shipping News (saw the movie and liked it)
The Hours (saw the movie and gave it mixed reviews, still haven't finished reading a Virginia Woolfe book despite many attempts)
The March (Doctorow)
The inheritance of loss
Red Mars (all of which I have no comment for- neither read nor seen the movie)
and the other boxes that are already reserved are the Idea of perfection and the Cleft.
I'm happy to give anything a try. I spend too much time reading very old classic books and rarely have anything to say about newer releases.


FunkyMunky said...

I would like to read a classic, too.... Borders and QBD have sold many to me that are currently sitting on my bookshelves collecting dust.

Nicoletta said...

hi Geomancer, I don't know who you are! If you want the Reader or Slumdog, or something else, could you email me? Thanks, Nicole

Gem said...

I'd like to read some classic novels as well. I feel like I haven't read anything in ages! I'm trying to read Marley and me but it gets too emotional for me! I remember trying to read it when Kody was a puppy and couldn't do it and now I'm struggling! lol
What about Austen, Dickens, Forster, that kind of thing?? Not saying to read first off but somewhere down the track.