Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi All!

Well, first a big thanks to Nicole for the Myths and Fairytales month.

Heather and I will be hosting this months theme (which is almost an extension of last months) where we'll be looking at the undead - in particular Vampires and Zombies!

Before we begin its very important everyone declares their allegiance...

Are you going to be eating brains with Team Zombie or sucking blood with Vampires R Us?

Also, just wondering if anyone has any idea of what they might be doing? There's tonnes of stuff out there for people to do - books, movies, games etc. Feel free to do whatever type of medium you like (and maybe even more than one if you like!).



Gem said...

I think I'm in "Vampires R Us". I'm almost finished reading "Breaking Dawn" in the Twilight Saga (I'm enjoying reading this book more than the others in the series), "Lost Boys" is one of my fave movies so I think I'll be revisiting that and "True Blood" was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. I should try a zombie novel to "broaden my horizons"- anyone know a good one?

Nic said...

Team Zombie recruit, reporting for duty! I don't know what I'll read yet, but I recently watched Zombieland, which was hilarious, I liked it muchly :) "Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms". And who could forget the absolutely superb Shaun of the Dead! Oh yeah...

A lot of the books I've read which had zombies in them featured them as the poor, dumb, disposable cousins of the "cooler" undead, and I've got to admit, it's hard to see any creature which is decomposing and falling apart in a starring role, but I'm up for the challenge. I shall find me a book and report back. Over and out.

Nic said...

Also, I may be Team Zombie, this time, but if anyone is looking for a good vampire read I highly recommend Sunshine by Robin McKinley, excellent and a little bit different!

Bec said...

How can you be Team Zombie when you haven't read Pride and Prejudice with Zombies Nic?!
This isn't really a subject I've given much thought to but I'd be Team Vampire. And that's not just because I was slightly smitten with Edward for a while there. Vampires are powerful and seem to be able to get up to pretty much whatever they like. Wheres zombies are, well, zombies.

PJ said...

I'm with Nic on Team Zombie...Gggggrrrraaagggghhhhhh....brains.......

How can you not love zombies with wonderful films like "Dawn of the Dead" "Night of the Living Dead" "28 Days Later" and the wonderful "Shaun of the Dead"?? I haven't seen Zombieland yet but sounds like a must-see.

Also, I just think Vampires are too damn serious and self-important! What's so great about sleeping in coffins?

I am currently reading "Pride and Prejudice with Zombies", pretty funny stuff.

I have so far refused to read the twilight saga (although i did thrill to the ab-fest in New Moon recently). For you vampire lovers, True Blood is a great series, as Gem mentioned above.

If someone knows of another Zombie book I can try please let me know.

Recruit #2 over and out.

爱书 said...
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爱书 said...

Do I have to decide? There are reasons.....

I was going to firmly sit on the fence and say 'books = vampires' & 'movies = zombies' but as Gemma has reminded me THE LOST BOYS!!! And I am deep in the throes of True Blood season 2

But then again I have 2 words for you 'Van Helsing' - this is the movie that killed a cinema genre -and remember True Blood was a book first *confusion*

So, where do I sit now??

When you note the fact that I have read 1 zombie book (P P & Zombies) and untold #s of vampire novels for the book side it's really a bit of a no brainer (sorry about the pun)and the fact that vampires in print are just so...hmmm... yummmmm (for the most part)and zombies really aren't well...

In conclusion I have to say 'books = vampires' & 'movies = zombies'

I'm not wishy washy at all, noooo

detecktive said...

Go Team Zombie!

What Zombie's lack in prettiness and charisma they more than make up for in sheer tenacity, conviction and stubborness. You'll never convince a Zombie that they should seriously think through the morality of eating 'brains'. They'll go for brains, every time.

And numbers. There's never 1 Zombie. Remember that.

I recently read 'Patient Zero' by Jonathan Maberry which was quite good. Its an action thriller that features zombies - but the 'new' zombie i.e. fast and vicious, created by a virus, like the ones from 28 Days.

You don't tend to see much of the 'old school' zombie anymore i.e. shambling mound of rotten flesh that couldn't outrun someone driving miss daisy. They'd just rove small towns in packs until everyone was dead or a zombie.

Ahhh, the good old days!

detecktive said...

Zombies are heaps better than Vampires in computer games too.

For any gamers out there - Resident Evil series (scariest games ever), Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Dead Rising.

All classics in their own right that features inumerous, scary Zombies.

But - in response to Kristen's post - has anyone actually pursued good zombie books? (or do we just go for those 'beautiful' vampires?)

I was looking on Amazon and there seem to be quite a few highly rated novels about Zombies...of which we have...none.


I'll have track down some seriously awesome Zombie novels.

Nic said...

I was wondering the same thing - are there any good zombie books out there? I decided I wanted to do two things:
1. Read a good book that happens to be about zombies.
2. Read a book about zombies where they are the protagonists.
The two may not be mutually exclusive, but on the off chance they are, I've picked two books, one (hopefully) for each category.

I did some research and chose World War Z for the first and Breathers: A Zombie's Lament for the second, which may also satisfy the first (even more hopefully).
We didn't have either, Hornsby had both. I'll let you know how I go...

PJ said...

I have managed to find 2 decent zombie books in our library - Monster Island and Patient Zero. Will let you know if they are worth reading.

goswans said...

i would definitely say vampires, Dracula is one of my all time fav books. I haven't been much of a fan of some of the recent vamp books but am willing to give some a go ......any suggestions anyone????

Nic said...

I have come to a conclusion:


I totally recant on my Team Zombie status. In fact I'll go with Team-Whatever-The-Hell-Is-Farthest-Away-From-The-Z-Word.

Breathers started with our "hero" waking up having killed and dismembered his parents (who were awful, I'll give you that). 2/3 of the way through the book he eats them. And it ends with him facing destruction for his actions.

After that I couldn't even read World War Z (which actually does look pretty good). There is a reason I don't read horror and paranormal romance has never looked so good, angsty and annoying teenagers and all.

Right now I have to take a high-powered, industrial hose to my brains and pretend I never even picked up that horrible book.

Team Vampire all the way.