Monday, April 6, 2009

So who's read the book?

Has anyone read the book and seen the film?  I haven't seen it yet, did it measure up?  I like the look of the cast.


PJ said...

I read the book quite a few years ago now so will have to re-read it before making any comments (pretty good when I am supposed to be the bookworm this month! I do have it on reserve!) All I remember is that I really enjoyed it and a few vague details. I'm not sure what the situation with the film is going to be - it is showing at the moment at Avoca cinema but at odd hours during the day.

Gem said...

I've read it recently but have not seen the film. Maybe we can get together when it comes out on DVD to watch it?

Monkeyboysmum said...

Still reading it, but am enjoying it despite thinking I wouldn't! Haven't seen the movie, but I like the idea of watching it together, either at the movies or on DVD. Vanessa

goswans said...

I have just finished reading it for the second time. I read it ages ago when it first came out and absolutely loved it but this time around i found it bit too "sweet", I guess my taste has changed over the years. But the book is full of really good quotes, this is my favourite cause it is sooooo true

"People, in general, would rather die than forgive. It's that hard. If God said in plain language, 'I'm giving you a choice, forgive or die', a lot of people would go ahead and order their coffin"


detecktive said...

I have been struggling with the book now for some time...I have tried reading and listening to the audio.

I guess it just hasn't grabbed me yet, which isn't a comment on the skill of the writer...I must admit I always struggle with stories that have a southern American setting. I don't know why exactly - but I feel a pervaying sadness whenever I read them.

Listening to the story in audio seemed to add to this as the narrator is a young girl who seems to further make the story one of innocence and great naivity...terrible things being viewed through eyes that don't really understand.

Maybe it has to do with the civil rights issues that were so prevalent in the time (what has changed though huh?) and the inescapable sensation of frustration. Or maybe something else, its hard to say.

In any event, I will perservere as many of the other posts have described the book sweet, so maybe I just haven't reached the part of true self discovery and revelation yet.

BTW: I agree with Kathryn's sentiment about the quote she mentions - I am sure many would rather die than forgive.

Pride has much to answer for...

Nic said...

It's funny - I would never describe it as "sweet" because none of the characters are, Lily especially. It must be the overwhelming honey imagery. I wish there had been more about the bees.