Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a question of...


The first question (and most obvious one to my mind) is just how far or how close do you think we are to the world that's described in the novel?

Are we on the brink of Big Brother controlling us all with fear and hatred, are we in the middle of it or are we on a different path as a society?


Hettie Betty said...

For a few years now I have tossed around a conspiracy theory that popular culture is designed to keep us all stupid so that the government, or the rich or someone sinister can take advantage of us.
I made some parallels with modern society whist reading, one of which was the Ministry of Truth's fiction department and how there was only a certain number of beginnings, middles and ends for literature that they created and they just mixed and matched these. At the time of my reading I went to the movies and watched the previews for a whole lot of yet to be released romantic comedies (RomComs in Newspeak)and I swear to god, I have already seen or watched previews for those movies before. They are just recycling the same old garbage and giving it a new title. For example, the new Matthew McConaghy movie where he plays a 30 something player who just can't commit until someone shows him that he already knows the perfect woman that he wants to marry and he's just about to blow it, he'd better act fast!- how many times has he already played that role before. The new Sandra Bullock movie, that 17 again with Zac Efron, Fast and the Furious FOUR!!!????
We have all seen these movies before. Same basic storyline.
It's insulting huh?