Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What was your reaction to the boat people being massacred at the beginning of the book?

I look at the passive agressive, fear mongering way that refugees are shown in the media today (and the somewhat hysterical way people talk about them 'que jumping', 'taking our jobs', 'taking our land/water', 'bringing their wars to us' etc) and I see us potentially being hyped up to a point where events like this will happen and that they will be accepted as the way to safeguard our country.

What do you think?


PJ said...

I agree.....I think it has already happened somewhat in America where it seems any human rights abuse is OK under the "Patriot Act". Even that seems a bit like NewSpeak to me!!!

I am hoping that the fearmongering about refugees will subside now that Howard has left the room. Note the difference between the "Children overboard" incident and the recent fire.