Monday, June 1, 2009

The autobiography as fiction

Hi all and welcome to June.
Here we will discuss the autobiography as fiction and I posted some suggested reading a little while ago.
I recommend reading these, but if you have trouble getting a hold of anything or can't dig them, then I direct you to wikipedia lists where you will find helpful guide to this genre. You could even cheat for Kathryn's month and read 'In cold blood.' But that wouldn't be nearly as fun as reading two books! I'd also add to the list the book 'Henry and June' by Anais Nin, which is a fictionalisation of her diary of the year she had an affair with Henry Miller and his wife. The lib has a copy and I do too if anyone is interested. I picked up a copy of the Rum diary by Hunter S. on the weekend too, which I will pass around to all interested.
I will warn that I am trying to come up with some questions based around the form and style of the books recommended, but may very well move into discussions of the particular books I have suggested and some background knowledge as we compare the fiction to the real life.

Since it's only the first of June, I will give you some time to get settled in to your books before posting some questions, but keep an eye out because there may very well be something by the end of the week.

Happy reading!


Nic said...

I've just started On the Road and am going to try Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, as well. Maybe an autobiographical graphic novel too, book candy permitting.