Sunday, June 7, 2009

The journey

Kerouac himself described 'On the road' as (and I paraphrase) a book about two guys searching for something that they never actually find.

How does your autobiographical fiction selection differ to the normal narrative that you are used to? Is there a clear beginning, middle and end? How do you feel about the shift in literary conventions and bounds?


goswans said...

Well I have just finished On The Road & it was a real struggle. I think I really missed the clear beginning, middle & end!!! I like his own description that it was two guys searching for something & don't find it. I just kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. Maybe i'm just not a stream of consciousness person!

爱书 said...

I agree - I missed the clear progression most novels have. I truly felt the lack of an ending

In all honesty I think that I could have forgiven much in the book if only there had been a tangible end, an "I sit here now and look back and this is what I now think, see, feel about what happend" kind of thing

But I guess that would be a bit too cliche'd for a beat writer