Friday, January 8, 2010

The "Good" Vampire - a paradox?


detecktive said...

Honestly - is this just a cop out or do you think it is a legitimate

I was just thinking - would the character Dexter fall into the same argument?

goswans said...

i find it really interesting that in the early vampire stories - they portrayed as evil and something to be feared. They have now evolved to be desirable and everyone wants to be one!!! I think maybe Interview with the Vampire started it back in early
80's - i looovvved that book & when the movie came out i wanted to marry Armand (Antonio Banderas) hahahahaha

Hettie Betty said...

Dracula wasn't so much bad, but sad, would you say? He did bad things because he was upset about losing his beloved. We're all tempted to do bad things to get what we want, right? :) What I mean is, Dracula had remnants of a human desire. Aren't all these new school vampires doing the same thing, but some are just retaining a little more human traits?