Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Next Gen Zombie - A Paradox?

To be fair I've also got a question about the remaking of the Zombie character. In the past 5 or so years we've seen zombies go from shambling mounds of brain eaters who rove in packs to fast, vicious and even a bit intelligent.

Is this a cop out to make them more interesting because modern writers can't make the George Romero style zombie interesting, or, like "good vampires", perhaps a literary tool to make the character more appealing for a new generation?


爱书 said...

To my mind even architypes have to evolve somewhat to fit with modern standards and expectations.

The shambling zombie is a classic image, but it's just that - classic. If you kept rewriting/remaking the same stories again and again you would lose relevance and therefore, audience. I mean, how often can the same imagery be used without boredom setting in? Zombies had to evolve to keep market share

In 2010 everything is faster, even zombies

Hettie Betty said...

When I was a kid I wasn't afraid of zombies because they were so slow and I thought it would be really easy to run away from them. The 2010 zombie particularly scares me because they are now not only powered by animal instict, but have animal strength and speed too! I fear I would not survive given my cardio strength and shooting skills.
I also like the way the zombie has been updated and is a result of some sort of human error, such as chemical warfare gone wrong or contaminated food. That makes it more relevant to us too.