Friday, May 21, 2010

Book Club Get-together

Let's get our diaries out and organise our next get together (for 5 mins discussion of the book and a couple hours of eating, sipping and general gossiping!!)

I was thinking of the first week of June.  Can you all nominate which date suits:

Mon 31/5 OR
Thurs 3/6 OR
Fri 4/6

and preferred location:

My place in Woy Woy, with food provided by K.B. Thai
A restaurant/cafe at Erina Fair
A restaurant/cafe at Tuggerah

I don't mind whichever, but I know that we take in the entire expanse of the coast and beyond in where we live!!  Majority rules, so make sure you get your votes in!


Ruth said...

Friday 4th sounds great, working Thursday Night :) Erina easier for me, but happy to go elsewhere!!