Monday, May 17, 2010

Death as the narrator

So, what did everyone think of "Death" as a narrator?  Did it confuse/annoy you?  Or did you like it?  Why?


Bec said...

I thought it was a fabulous book. Having Death as the narrator worked really well I thought. It gave a different perspective and made it stand out from other books in this genre.

爱书 said...

I loved Death as the narator and as a character in his/her own right

a good narrator leads you down a path and Death was a gentle guide, giving tantalising glimpses of the future which drew me along

I also enjoyed his/her personality and wry sense of humor

Strangely enough having Death as the narrator lightened the subject matter somehow, not in a facitious or belittling or shallow way, but rather in a way that made the terrible events more accessible and less harrowing than some other books I have read(I don't think I have expressed that particularly well, but I know what I mean)