Monday, March 23, 2009

Character back story

What did everyone think of the importance of the characters back story in the GN or movie? Obviously they both developed the back stories in their own way, and just wondering how important you think the back stories are to understanding the characters?


Hettie Betty said...

I was discussing the movie on the weekend with a friend who hated it. He said the reason why was because he didn't feel their stories were explained enough and that enough information on their motives and why they are who they are was not given.
I disagreed, but then wondered if it was really only from reading that I knew what I knew when watching.
I would like to know more about Ozy and how smart he really is. We didn't get to know him so much past wise until the end. It all makes me want to re watch and re read however.

Nic said...

Considering how detailed the GN was, I think it was pretty impressive they got in as much as they did. I think back story almost always gets sacrificed in film adaptations, just on time constraints alone. I would have loved to see Watchmen as a 12 part series, that would have been amazing! Ozymandias suffered badly for it and Silk Spectre was fairly two dimensional.