Thursday, March 12, 2009

Q4 Characterisations

Kristen asked:

Were the movie characters more likable than the GN characters?

I 'liked' and felt more sympathy for the characters in the movie, which leads me to ask - was it just that I identify better with people on the big screen, that they seem more real? Or did the screen play, for all it's adherance to the GN, soften the characters somehow to make them less loathsome or pathetic?


Nic said...

Nah, it softened the characters. Dan was not a lovable dork in the book. Fairly understandable, can you imagine audience responses if no one in the movie was likeable or identifiable with?

How good was Jackie Earle Haley?!

Nic said...

Did anyone else wonder why they bothered to include Bubastis at the end? Didn't seem to add much and as they hadn't mentioned Veidt's genetic engineering it seemed a bit potentially confusing to me.

爱书 said...

I agree, they took out the squid but added the engineered lynx thing...not consistent

detecktive said...

I Silk Spectre II was probably the most different from the novel. She seemed to be a bit flat in the movie, whereas in the GN she's a feisty and expressive character.

This I think is highlighted by the fact that in the GN she has an overt and constant, vocal loathing for the Comedian, which I think was fairly absent in the movie. There were one or two brief mentions, but without the venom she had in the GN.

I think as a result the revelation that the Comedian was her father had a little less impact.