Monday, March 23, 2009


I really would like to know...when you either first read the GN or saw the movie (without having read the GN) did you pick Ozymandias to be the mastermind behind it all?


Nic said...

I honestly can't remember if I picked it when I read Watchmen. I am usually fairly bad at picking the hidden bad guy, because I read too fast and don't stop to think about it all until afterwards, in too much of a hurry to get to the end!

With the film, I think I would have had a better chance, had I not read the book, just because he came off as quite smarmy. That is not a trait I associated with him in the book. I think of all the major characters, Ozymandias may have been the most short-changed by the movie. His backstory is the least explored and his motivations not as fully developed.

Hettie Betty said...

Ah ha! I agree. I didn't pick him when reading, but as I've mentioned before, the ending did run through my head at one stage during the reading, so there must've been hints throughout that I subconsciously picked up on. Or maybe I too am the smartest man in the world!!!! I don't think so, since I didn't pick him.... I guess looking back you can by process of elimination guess that it was him since the character was the last to be really explained. If you knew at the start that it was to be one of them, you'd guess they'd be the hardest to get to know.