Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watchmen discussion podcast

For anyone interested, the web site Batman-on-film has a roundtable discussion on the Watchmen film.

BOF is a website dedicated to advocating quality in the Batman franchise (and has been operating for 10 years since the 'Batman and Robin' debacle) and also acts as a fan forum.

They also review DC related things in general inlucding movies, DVDs and comics. The panel doing the discussion includes the websites founder, Bill Ramey and a number of other people associated with literature and the comic book industry.


Nic said...

Thanks for suggesting this one. I'm listening to the podcast as I type, very interesting. Early on they said they had problems with the pacing, I agree with them. The first half could have stood to be sped up and the last half drawn out a little more. I'll be interested to see if the director's cut adjusts this and to see if it gives more weight to the ending.

Here's a question for everyone - if you were editing Snyder's Watchmen, what wouldn't you have included and what would you have added from the GN?