Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who's watched the Watchmen?

Well all, really enjoyed the movie. Thought it was fantastic (as did G). Would love to do the ultimate nerd thing (in the privacy of my own home ) and have the GN open to follow along with the film - of course if you repeat this I will deny it.

The way they perfectly recreated the scenes from the GN onto the screen was poetry (G thinks it was lazy)

The big question(s) for me after reading/viewing are:

1. Was it lazy or genius to recreate the shots from the GN onto the screen so perfectly?

2. The ending:

Would the original GN ending have worked? I really felt the lack of that fantastical ending. It was almost a cop out that left the ending sequence a bit empty for me, a bit 'meh'. There was no WTF moment in the movie, no OMG THAT'S what all that meant. The ball of energy was a bit 'blah' and too easy, too mainstream, too 'quick think up an ending they'll swallow'.

So saying, when I described the GN ending to G he thought that that would have ruined the movie, so maybe it's just me. Also, I realise that they would have had to add an hour of film to set up the GN ending for the audience

What do you think?

3. Where does the line between a superhero and a masked hero lie?

We've all watched action flicks where the good guys run, jump, pummel and slaughter their way through untold enemies and scoffed at the unbelievability of it all but in the GN and the movie we saw it all again - yet, and especially in the GN, they always tried to draw a line between being masked and super

Is it that they have superior training (did they have any training other than Laurie?), is it that the suit and mask created a sense of confidence, ability and strength that allowed them inhuman power? Is it that I am reading too much into something again and I should go with the flow?

4. Were the movie characters more likable than the GN characters?

I 'liked' and felt more sympathy for the characters in the movie, which leads me to ask - was it just that I identify better with people on the big screen, that they seem more real? Or did the screen play, for all it's adherance to the GN, soften the characters somehow to make them less loathsome or pathetic?

Discuss (my inner uni professor coming out lol)

5. Have I usurped your questions Ben? Sorry!!!



detecktive said...

Thanks Kristen, thats awesome! Glad to see passion for the GN and Watchmen.

To help split these questions up, I'll post each one as a separate discussion area, then people can respond to one or all.

Get into it fellow Watchmen watchers!